Monday, September 30, 2013


Almost, then I remembered my promise.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

To Be Continued

How long has it been since I've posted the previous post? 
And now, I've gotten myself into this position again. I don't know who reads my pathetic, lack-of-update blog but... To me, the most important reader of all is no one but myself. Reading the previous post has actually shaken me up, once more. A tremendous effect that I wasn't even expecting. 


A dramatic change has taken effect in my life since I've stepped into my current college. I've never felt so...ALIVE ever since.. since.. since I-don't-know-when-either. 

'Alive', a word as simple as that, but, 
has everyone experienced aliveness in their life? 

Like Mr. Yoshua described:
'Aliveness > Adrenaline Rush'
He expressed that, he would feel alive if he had the chance to jump off a plane (skydive, ah). 

But to me, feeling alive was to do what you love to do. This could explain the backbone reason of why I have been feeling alive: I was living my passion. 

So much has changed in the past six months, and the most apparent changes have taken place since August. All because I have met God. 
The One who has changed so much in me. The One who understands me when no man in the world would or could. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

I walked him to the car

Dad was watching me as I was trying to dig my shoes out from the store room.

He then heavily sighed as he walked to the stairs.
I thought he was merely expressing his frustration due to the heavy workload therefore I asked, ''Why, Dad? Too busy with work?''
Then he answered, "Buy new shoes." But I wasn't able to hear him properly because it was raining cats and dogs outside, therefore I asked again, ''What did you say, Dad?''
He replied, ''Buy new shoes.'' This time, I was able to understand what he was trying to say.
Dad was actually indicating that I spent on material goods, which, he never liked.
Accused, was how I felt instantly. Because these shoes were gifts that Mom gave when she went on shopping trips, which 1) I have repeatedly reminded her not to spend money on me but herself, and 2) only to find out when she came home from shopping. As much as I wanted to defensively clarify while I had these thoughts screaming in my head, I opted to text him instead. At least to let him know that this wasn't how he thought it was. I hated the times when Dad misunderstood me and hated the fact that I wasn't able to put my emotions into the most suitable sentence yet sometimes words just seemed like a better option. Ironic huh. And I wasn't trying to blame Mom, I loved the fact that she thought so much about me when she was away. Even though I constantly reminded her not to buy anything for me because I wanted her to pamper herself instead, maybe spending money was her another way of showing how much she cared about me.

Honestly, it made me proud to say that I have never asked for money from anyone to satisfy my own wants nor demanded my parents to buy things for me. But now it just suddenly struck me that I've been using only my savings and salary to splurge on material goods for the past two years. I felt extremely ashamed because I was behaving just like.. someone Dad has always warned me not to turn into - a slave to materialism.


Sher Lin, please be content that you are in a better state than many unfortunate people.
Count your blessings and never turn into a slave to materialism.

How does splurging on pretty clothes, shoes and accessories make me a better person?
Why do I have to spend money to make myself look good?
Why hadn't I spend money for a better cause instead?
There are countless of unfortunate people that have never gotten any chance to own pretty dress,
or read a good book, or even, to have a good meal. So stop behaving like this, it's disgusting.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mooncake Festival w/ My Favorite Boy

Ahhhhh, it's my favorite boy!
This is the second celebration of Mooncake Festival with Baby Keith at his kindergarten,
which also means a year is gone again.
Anyway, I must declare once more that I love this boy with all my heart *digs out heart and show*,
because of his loveliness & cheekiness, he makes me really happy.

This is my baby nephew *hugs*

He looked quite moody at first because he got up from nap not long ago.

Remembered that I was in this position when I was young, being on the stage & parents taking videos of me performing.

Keith's friends. They were deeply amused by the presence of the rock.
All of them kicked and yelled at it.
Poor rock.

'Yay, we are best friends!'

*Jump jump!*

Another best friends' shot!

Friendship for them is pure and innocent.

And now an earthworm amuses them.

This was Keith laughing evilly after crushing the worm into pieces.

This was him stepping at another earthworm. Boyfriend was the mastermind, actually. He went around looking for more earthworms then informed the boys. Poor innocent worms, all they wanted was to live in the mud for the rest of their lives.

Decoration at the kindergarten! /

Look at the crowd.

This dude did an excellent job entertaining the audience, last year too, actually.
Gosh, he is really funny.

Get what I mean? Look at all these happy faces.

Baby Keith & his mommy.

Boyfriend is entertained too.

Awwwww, so sweet.

THEY DID THE GANGNAM STYLE! Note that they are randomly asked to go onto the stage to perform,
and they did an amazing job!

I love all of the food prepared! Most importantly, they are freeeeeee and delicious!
But I ate all the least fattening food tho,

Baby Keith all hyped up and happy!

Because he wins this present!


And cousin sister gives Jen and I these piglets,
'for him & for her'.
Aren't they ADOWABOW  adorable?

Keith didn't allow me to leave at first,
when I tell him that I am leaving,
he puts on a really sad expression and says 'No, I don't want you to go.'
*heart melts*

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ally's 21st Birthday

Jen & I attended Ally's birthday dinner a fortnight ago.
This girl has been a sweet and amazing girlfriend that I cherished wholeheartedly, 
  therefore being able to meet her that night was heartwarming.
 I recalled bringing her to Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar Village 2 as her birthday treat last year,
 and now a year has gone in a blink of an eye, sigh.

It was a Friday night and I was really hyped up for this birthday dinner because I got to see Ally and another lovely girl of mine, Shilla.
I went for a swim with Christy in the evening with contact lenses on as I haven't gotten myself a new pair of goggles since the old one failed me.
But on that evening itself, I felt like my eyeballs were about to pop out after swimming.
 I wasn't able to put the contact lenses on after that even after few attempts. 
I vowed that I would never harm my own eyes anymore :'(

Time for pictures to do the talking:

 Sassorosso Italian Restaurant,
(9 Lorong Yap Kwan SengKuala Lumpur 50450Malaysia)

I loved the setting, all thanks to the petals!

Shilla & I.

The boyfriend Jen & I, oh! and the waitress behind.

We all know how big portion an Italian pizza would be, therefore boyfriend and I shared this Sassorosso Pizza, topped with escargot, mushrooms, prawns, basil and mozzarella.  It was indeed filling and tasty, but we certainly hoped it was served warmer. I had my share of Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, rosemary chicken breast and rosemary crouton which I forgot to snap a picture of, but it was quite good too! The rosemary chicken breast was delicious, yum!

The beautiful cake that her thoughtful friends got for the birthday girl.

Ta-da! This is the ever gorgeous birthday girl, Ally!

Shilla and I (and my disgusting hair) with Ally.

Jen, Ally and I.

Closer take.

All ladies in the house!

Two beautiful ladies. Look at Ally's wings! How fairy-like. 

The pizza boy! har har.

Doesn't this cake look SO gorgeous? She has wings too!

The guys.

Ally & her boyfriend, manis sangat.

I put on this new dress, loved it to bits because it was filled with studs! 

Taken by Jen.

My handsome boy.

The night ended early for boyfriend and I because I was exhausted although we were supposed to go for an after-party with the rest after dinner.

It was a great night, anyway.